We Help Small Businesses Optimize Cashflow and Manage Growth

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We Help Businesses Scale By...

Offloading Risk

We help offload credit risk to your business.

Mapping Cash Flow

Our finance analysts help you map your businesses cash flows so you can tell your money where to go.

Guaranteeing $50,000

You will have access to at least $50,000 in business credit after 12 months.

Financial Coaching

Our expert credit analysts will provide a blueprint to your businesses credit success.

Removing Personal Guarantees

We help you build credit for the business and remove the need for personal guarantees.


Get a FREE annual valuation to know exactly what your business is worth. ($7,000 value)

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7-Step System

Member Journey

Our mission is to get your business credit worthiness to a place to have access to the capital you need, when you need it. 

First, we ensure your business information matches Secretary of State, IRS, and Credit Agencies

Next, we verify all proper registrations are in place and cross reference data points on your credit reports

Then, we take your business credit through the vendor tiers to get you access to…

$50,000 of credit within your first year and beyond.

Our Proven Business Credit Building System

J. Galt Finance Suite continues to strengthen the small business community by allowing Main St. to build business credit like Wall St.

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Ready to start building credit? Download our eBook that walks you through the steps to building true business credit.


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Free Business Credit & Loan Consultation

Are you ready to start improving your business credit? Schedule a free call to see what business credit can do for you and your business.

During your call, we will:

  • Review your current credit profile
  • Strategize future growth
  • Walk through a custom plan

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